Tools: Uptime Robot

Having recently been on a bit of an uptime monitoring quest for a client, I started looking around the different web-based services dedicated to this purpose. Having gone through the usual batch: Pingdom,, Are My Sites Up? and several others, I quickly came to the realization that if you’re looking for a free uptime monitoring service you have to have a pretty damn good reason to not go with Uptime Robot.

I’ve since started using their free tracking for most of my personal sites and I have very little bad to say about it at all. The only small niggle I have about it is the UI; which while perfectly functional and relatively intuitive, looks kind of dated and just strange in places. For instance: there are illogical paddings (in the sign-in bubble for instance); the color palette is confused, in some cases clashing and in others washing itself out; the use of rounded corners everywhere is kind of ridiculous (and is what is primarily responsible for it looking dated, in my view); and the logo (and branding generally) looks a little amateurish.

In short, it’s a technically fantastic service and if the UI was improved it would be even better. But if you’re interested we went with Pingdom for our clients, mostly because of the API and their multi-location pings.