Sublime Text 2: 5 Plugins You Really Should Be Using

Sublime Text 2 has become mine, and many other people’s, editor of choice. Bringing features like multiple cursors and Vim bindings to a modern, good looking, lightweight and cross-platform editor. It rocks. Especially the plugins.

One of the things that really excites people about the app is the plugin eco-system (and support for Text Mate bundles, but that’s for another post!) but it can be a bit of a pain to find (and install) the best plugins that the app has to offer.

Package Control

Right at the core of the plugin eco-system is Will Bonds awesome Package Control plugin; which acts as a gatekeeper and organiser of most of the best plugins available for the app. There are a couple of exceptions, but as a general rule: if it ain’t available via Package Control, I ain’t interested.

So if there is just one plugin you take away from this post, let it be Package Control. The sooner it’s integrated into the core app the better, in my view.

1. BracketHighlighter

This great little plugin does one thing and does it well: it highlights the brackets within which the cursor is located.

2. Gist

Generate a public Github Gist with a simple key combo (Super + K). Lots of other options to like: creating private Gists; updating and opening Gists.

3. sublime-jslint

Does exactly what it says, by hitting Super + K the plugin will run your JavaScript through the JSLint4Java Java implementation of Dougles Crockford’s JSLint.

4. DocBlockr

This great plugin, makes writing DocBlock comments in JavaScript, Ruby and PHP a breeze. With autocompletion and prepopulation.

5. ZenCoding

Note: Not in Package Control.
This Sublime Text implementation of the frankly productivity engorging HTML authoring system is great, if you ever have to write HTML by hand you’ll instantly love this plugin.

Extra gravy

Package Control also offers extensions to Sublime Text 2′s core syntax highlighting, for instance: SASS; LESS; Jade; and Haml. This is also where the support for Text Mate bundles comes to the fore.