Simple and Minimalist Nav Bar (+ extra CSS3!)

Inspired by having a little free time, and the fun I had doing it yesterday; here is another implementation of one of Orman Clark’s designs, his ‘Clean and Simple Navigation Menu’. As you will see however, I made a couple of small changes: most noticeably to the font (due to browsers not rendering Helvetica Neue Bold nearly as well as Photoshop); and removing a couple drop shadows (just because I thought it looked a little better this way).

There are two versions available, one is a regular cross compatible jQuery powered bar built using image sprites that can be put right into production and works great on any browser (including IE6!) and the other is a CSS3 experiment, but without any images or JavaScript at all, which shouldn’t be placed into production for obvious reasons.

Find the demos of both here; the regular download here and the experimental CSS3 download here.

These files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. So feel free to ue them however you like and distribute them (with attribution!).