Quick links: ‘Multicolr’ image search and Git Immersion

Couple of really great quick links I’m sharing today: one’s a really cool tool that can help you find images based on a certain color palette; the other’s a great beginners tutorial for the Git version control system.

‘Multicolr’ image search via Idée Inc.

The great tool from the creators of the indispensable Tineye, is a prototype tool that allows you to search Flickr for photos based on a user selected set of colours. Unlike a lot of these tools it seems to work really well, as it’s based on their great Piximilar image search technology (that also powers Tineye).

Git Immersion from EdgeCase

This great introduction to the Git version control system from Edgecase is a great introduction to what some people can find a really intimidating tool. It’s lucidly written and really straightforward, I really recommend it.