Love LESS but you’re put off by Ruby?

I’ve fiddled around with the original LESS a few times and loved the convenience of variables and nested rules in CSS, but I’ve always been reluctant to put it into production because of the fact that it’s based in Ruby. I’ve taken web courses in ruby, so Not that I have anything against Ruby as a language, far from it in fact, but simply the fact that it isn’t as all pervasive as PHP which makes maintenance and portability a bit more of a pain that it should be. But now there’s an answer.

In step lessphp, which describes itself as ‘a compiler for LESS written in php’, and it’s just that. I’ve been testing it over the last couple days and I can’t express how well it works (in the same way as the original LESS in fairness) but with the added bonus of drumroll PHP.

There’s also a Symphony plugin, which is just icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.

I’d encourage everyone to check out lessphp.