I’m an interaction designer and UI developer at Digital Science who blogs about design, development and the open web. I live in London and I’m a gigantic nerd.

I’m the Founder and Creative Director at Eight Bit: a development, design, and marketing firm based in East London. We create kick-ass products for awesome clients, from brand new start-ups to multi-billion pound corporations. What exactly it is I do there’s a mystery, but at any point, I can found either trying to look busy or taking credit for other peoples hard work.

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I’m getting worryingly close to 30; I’m half Swedish and half English; I have a very old dog named Blue; I watch Star Wars™ as often as is humanly possible; I collect comic books; I spend way too much money on music; I once attempted to steal a Penguin from London Zoo and I seem to have acquired a huge collection of foreign coins for a reason I don’t quite understand.